Empowering Tomorrow’s Innovators

At Mikson, we believe in the transformative power of ideas. 

As a premier investment company, we specialize in identifying, nurturing, and scaling startups that aspire to make an indelible impact in their respective industries.


Strategic Partnership: 

We don’t just invest; we collaborate, offering startups the strategic insights and expertise they need to succeed.

Global Perspective: 

Our extensive network spans across multiple countries, giving startups a platform to grow and thrive on an international scale.

Legacy of Success: 

With a proven track record of guiding startups to success, our commitment to innovation is unwavering.

Join us in shaping the future of innovation. 

If you’re a startup eager to make your mark or an investor seeking the next big thing, 

Mikson is your gateway to unprecedented opportunities.


Discover. Invest. Transform. 

Mikson – Your Partner in Success.